MHA's mission is to revolutionize how corporations hire Veterans.  This in turn will make it easier for the military community to find the right fit based on their years of training and experience in their field.  We understand there are going to be corporate skills that will need to be learned. With a firm commitment by our corporate partners to hire our transitioning service members, we are able to use the last six months of their tenure in the military to obtain the exact skills needed for the particular job. Whether it's learning a certain technology application, to getting them certified in Agile, PMP, or Six Sigma we have the partners that can get this completed before their transition. This works best for organizations that need to build talent pipelines.

We want what's best for the Veteran! We are searching for the best careers for veterans, so if it is not a great career for the veteran or a spouse, we do not pursue the position. We work with corporations who understand that we are solving the problem of Underemployment. Through our aptitude and interest assessment with one of our technology partners YouScience, MHA is able to build a successful career roadmap in the beginning which gives occupational direction and ensuring success.

Our Team

Mark Biga

Founder and CEO who has a passion for helping Veterans and understands Workforce management issues. Mark has over 20 years in Global workforce, project solutions, and staffing initiatives across all industries including but not limited to Information Technology, Engineering, F&A, Sales, and Manufacturing.

Mark’s mission when starting the company was to solve the problem of veteran underemployment while streamlining internal corporate veteran programs.

Andrew White

As a graduate of The Citadel, Andrew has a passion for helping Veterans and brings 20 years of Sales and Marketing, CRM and Executive Management expertise to MHA. Andrew’s role with MHA is to further develop our sourcing partner relationships and align the talents of our veterans with the right career paths for long term success.

Scott Schroeder

Scott retired as a Command Sergeant Major in the U.S. Army after 34 years of service both in garrison and deployed. Scott brings his passion for taking care of Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, and their Families and his understanding of what it takes to transition, to help Veterans reach their personal and professional goals.

Darren Johnson

Darren recently retired after 36 years in the Telecommunications Industry, primarily in staff leadership roles in IT and Business Operations. Areas of expertise encompass Operations, Finance, Governance, Risk and Compliance as well as Vendor Relationship Management and Staff Augmentation.

He has also owned his own small business for the past ten years. His passion for his current role at MHA comes from his admiration for those that serve in the military to keep our great nation safe from both foreign and domestic threats.